Light of the World Spiritualist Church

What We Do

We offer teaching in all modalities and beliefs of Spiritualism.

Teacup Reading

Teacup Reading is a fun adventure to see how the future looks for you. It is a 3 month reading and lets you know what is in store for you.

Tarot Card and Akashic Tarot cards look into the past, present and future and allow you to see why you are experiencing life as you are. We use an 18 card read to get the best information for you.

This is usually offered as a house party adventure, to enjoy a tarot and tea and have some fun with friends while doing it.

Cost for this is $30 per person 

Individual Training

You can chose a field of interest in the spiritual or metaphysical realm and you will receive a one on one session in how to do the field you are interested in.

The cost for this is $30 per session.

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